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Host A K Rahman kept up a cheerful banter with the audience through the evening
Guest of honour actor Jeetendra with Chairperson Tina Ambani and actor Jaya Bhaduri
Bharat Singh Sisodia has established a trust that offers free food, medicine and boarding to the poor
A Sharfudeen received the award for his outstanding cancer awareness campaign
Director SKNL Group, Anjani Kasliwal presenting the award to Sekhar Raghavan who introduced eco-friendly toilets in Chennai
Mumbai-based Dilip Velaskar was chosen for inventing a kit that sounds a warning bell against heart ailments
P Gopinathan receiving the award from member of the jury and acclaimed journalist Mrinal Pande for setting up a handloom consortium that employs 1,800 underprivileged women in Kerala
Centenarian Annaswamy Ranaganatha Rao won applause for his inspiring speech as well as his achievement—setting up India’s first math laboratory
Member of the jury and noted film maker Shyam Benegal presenting the award to Ram Snehi for eradicating the prostitution racket from Morena in Madhya Pradesh
V Mani won the award for offering shelter and education to children of life convicts in Bengaluru
K J Udeshi, Chairperson BCSBI, presenting the award to Yogeshwar Kumar who spread hydro-electric power to more than 15 villages
An equally dazzling audience: actors Parmeet Sethi and Archana Puran Singh
Spiritual singer Vikram Hazra’s performance was both delightfully interactive and soothing
The winners with members of the jury Mrinal Pande and Shyam Benegal and chairperson Tina Ambani
Chairperson Tina Ambani delivering the keynote address