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About Harmony



Harmony for Silvers Foundation, founded in 2004 by Tina Anil Ambani, is a non-government organisation working to enhance the quality of life of the elderly in India. It envisages India’s elderly as ‘Silver Citizens’—vital and proud. Harmony’s mission is to create an environment where silvers, irrespective of their cultural beliefs, can retain their dignity, self-respect, pride and self-confidence.
Our facets
  Harmony, the magazine
India’s only lifestyle and empowerment publication for Silvers, it features test-drives of products and services, technology, health, travel, books, hobbies, legal help, inspiring profiles, puzzles, and national and international news.
  www.harmonyindia.org, the portal
It highlights the resources and opportunities at hand for seniors in India and offers viewers a special classifieds section, a chance to submit their profile and make new friends, and access to archives of Harmony magazine.
  Harmony Interactive Centre for Silver Citizens, in South Mumbai
Equipped with a library, recreational area and canteen, the centre offers yoga, computer training, laughter club sessions, health check-ups and talks and workshops on finance, legal rights, self-defence and spirituality for its nearly 500 members.
  The Harmony Senior Citizens’ Run
Held at the Vodafone Delhi Half Marathon and Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon annually, about 2,500 to 2,700 seniors take part in the run, which aims to showcase the potential of Silvers.
  Harmony Publishing
October 2007 saw the launch of Harmony Publishing’s first offering, a yoga book for silvers. This will soon be followed by a bouquet of special titles.
  Research Division
Set up to conduct scientific studies on ageing and promote gerontology and strengthen policy research and advocacy, our monographs and reports are widely disseminated among policymakers, bureaucrats, NGOs, researchers, teachers and students working in areas related to ageing.

Harmony for Silvers Foundation is determined to promote sound and forward-looking strategies and mechanisms to enhance the abilities and participation of Silver citizens in the overall development of society. Our plans for the future include establishing more interactive centres across the country and offering more customised services for Silvers.
Contact Harmony
Harmony Celebrate Age, Reliance Centre,1st Floor
19, Walchand Hirachand Marg
Ballard Estate, Mumbai-400001
Tel: 91-22-303 27000.

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